The Transition River Lovers (New Myth # 18)

  - excerpt -

"They fell in love in a canoe two years ago and had to put out a tricky fire before hitting shore to start digging their cave house. One of the lover’s favorite rituals is to strip to naked, run upstream and jump into the current holding wrapping around each other’s body in a tumble weed ball and slowly rotate in a slow drift back to the dock by the cave. Their watershed burrow is on former National Forest land. Free, chaos land now with few people attached. They are miles from the Permaculture Guild Meeting Tree and the former town garage turned Transition Assembly. Mountain bikers infrequent this zone, hunters ran out of bullets years ago. Fences are sporadic patches of poison ivy & rusty barbed wire. The river - a splashy channel for wading, rafting, washing, shiatsu, fishing, & escape.

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